How Digital Unit Turnover Solutions Can Help

Over the past two decades, multifamily property operations teams have been increasingly turning to technology to optimize net operating income (NOI) and revenue. However, there's one huge cost center that's long overdue for a transformation: the unit turnover process. 

Unit turnovers are recurring and costly. Since they’re left almost entirely in the hands of dispersed staff—with nothing but a confusing paper trail for tracking and oversight—multifamily operations teams aren’t seeing the hidden costs in this complex process.

What are the biggest risks of legacy unit turnover management processes?

  • Inefficient communication between field staff and head office
  • Slow, manual processes (like scoping, vendor selection, etc.)
  • Lack of visibility and standardization of turnovers across the portfolio
  • Increased Vacancy Loss

Learn how to avoid the key issues that cause time-delays and increased costs in the make-ready process based on data from 50,000+ unit turnover projects.

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