The 11 Critical Attributes Checklist

If you’re like most multifamily property operations teams, you’ve adopted technology to help you optimize your net operating income (NOI) and revenue. You’re probably using digital tools to streamline areas like leasing, resident experiences, procurement, and revenue management.

However, it’s likely that you’re not applying that same approach toward managing unit turnovers and field maintenance. Most companies haven’t realized that this is the largest untapped area ripe for digital transformation.

As a result, you’re probably using a patched-together method instead of one unified platform—and failure to proactively implement effective management processes can cost you millions of dollars.

Multifamily_Operations_Process Management Checklist

So, how can you tell if your unit turnover and field maintenance platforms are as strong as they should be?

We’ve created a checklist that will help you assess how well your current approach is working so you can determine where your unit turnover process can become stronger.

Interested in making your team more successful? Download our checklist, The 11 Critical Attributes of an Effective Unit Turnover & Field Maintenance Process Management Platform.